As a professional CAREER STRATEGIST, specialized on Consulting Coaching and Training, I can help you bring out only the best in your personal and professional brand, & I will guide you to be the most vibrant expressions of who you are in your career. I pride myself with shaping professional brands by taking your vision for your career, and helping it reach its fullest potential.

I am talented at guiding ambitious professionals to be the best expression of who they want to be in their careers, connecting them with meaningful jobs and careers. I am a former Human Resources Consultant and Recruiter, Language Teacher, Personal Development and Corporate Trainer with over 17+ years of combined working experience. I have worked for start-ups, for large, medium and small international companies in 5 countries from 2 continents.


When dealing with people, remember that you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion. – Dale Carnegie

Developing your EQ will take time, but will lead to sustainable behavior changes that will improve the way you manage yourself and the way you work with others. Through skilled facilitation and coaching, EQ development for individuals, teams and whole organizations will lead to a more productive, successful and sustainable
business culture.


Emotions are involved in everything we do: every action, decision and judgement. Emotionally intelligent people recognize this and use their thinking to manage their emotions rather than being managed by them. To be successful requires effective awareness, control and management of your own emotions, and awareness and
understanding of other people.

During this program we will focus on embraces the two aspects of intelligence:

✅ Understanding yourself, your goals, intentions, responses, behavior and all;

Understanding others and their feelings.


📚 Regard (Self-regard (or self-esteem) and Regard for others)

📚 Awareness (Self-awareness and Awareness of others)

📚 Self-Management (Emotional Resilience; Personal Power; and Flexibility)

📚 Relationship Management (Invitation to Trust; Conflict Handling)

Imagine having the support of someone who champions your success as much as you do, someone who will ask great questions to encourage you to tap into your own well of resources, to find the solutions you didn’t know

you had; someone who will challenge you to expand your horizons and see things from different perspectives and viewpoints. That is what EQ coaching is all about!


BEFORE YOU START: Understand Your Journey (Week 1>2)

1-hour Self-Evaluation Time | Online Module 1

🎯 MILESTONE 1: Introduction | The Official Invitation

🎯 MILESTONE 2: Request Materials | Community Engagement

INTRODUCTION: Your Learning Path (Week 1>2)

 1-hour Self-Study Time | Online Module 2

🎯 MILESTONE 3: The Power of Vision | The Power of Focus

🎯 MILESTONE 4: The Power of Commitment | Your Accountability Buddy

Coaching Session 1: CLARITY, VALUES & DESIRES (Week 3)

1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom)

🎯 MILESTONE 5: The Power of Vision § Profound Listening + Experiential Learning

Coaching Session 2: SELF-REFLECTION & GOAL SETTING (Week 6)

1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom)

🎯  MILESTONE 6: The Power of Focus § Goal Setting with Purpose + Guided Activity


1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom)

🎯 MILESTONE 7: The Power of Planning § Powerful Questioning + Experiential Learning

Coaching Session 4: ACTIONS & COMMITMENTS (Week 10)

1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom)

🎯 MILESTONE 8: Performance Coaching § Persevering Commitments + Guided Activity


1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom)

🎯 MILESTONE 9: Performance Review § Map Your Journey + Experiential Learning

Coaching Session 6: NURTURED GROWTH § BLUEPRINT (Week 14)

1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom) 

🎯 MILESTONE 10: Performance Follow-Up § Reflective Writing & Planning+ Guided Activity

Coaching Session 7: NURTURED GROWTH § FOLLOW-UP (2 mth after session 6)

1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom)

🎯 MILESTONE 11: Performance Follow-Up § Changing Habits & Progress Tracking

Coaching Session 8: NURTURED GROWTH § FOLLOW-UP (2 mth after session 7)

1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom)

🎯 MILESTONE 12: Performance Follow-Up § Changing Habits & Progress Tracking

Coaching Session 9: NURTURED GROWTH § FOLLOW-UP (3 mth after session 8)

1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom)

🎯 MILESTONE 13: Performance Follow-Up § Changing Habits & Progress Tracking

Coaching Session 10: NURTURED GROWTH § FOLLOW-UP (3mth after session 9)

1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom)

🎯 MILESTONE 14: Performance Follow-Up § Changing Habits & Progress Tracking

Bonus Coaching Session: FOLLOW-UP ON YOUR GROWTH (4 mth after session 10)

1-hour Coaching 1:1 | Online Session (Phone/Skype/Zoom)

🎯 MILESTONE 15: Performance Follow-Up § Change & Progress Review


Each of us has the potential to improve our performance, and what stops us are individual interference. In EQ terms, the interference we all possess are essentially negative attitudes, beliefs and habits that prevent us from performing as well as we could. The best way to increase your performance is to grow and develop your true potential, and reduce or eliminate the disruptions, the interference or negative attitudes that keeps you stuck from progressing.


Check Your Interference

Take a moment to think about and make a list of your negative attitudes (interference) in relation to various work tasks. For example, do you have any negative attitudes connected to the following?

Giving a presentation.

Attending a team meeting.

Writing a report.

Your annual performance review.

The new IT system your company has introduced.

The ‘difficult’ colleague you have to work with.

Your boss.

How could these attitudes be impacting on your behavior?

How would your performance improve if you had the opposite, positive attitude?

What if for example, Team meetings are boring and a waste of time could become, Team meetings are interesting and productive. When you work with developing your EQ, you learn to create these kind of transformations – at a professional as we as a personal level.


Your current role and the KASH Model

Take a moment to think about your current role (position in the current job) and how you feel about it.

What is your performance really like?

How would you rate your knowledge?

Is it enough for you to be high performing?

What about your attitudes?

Are they more positive or negative towards your job and the organization itself?

What about your skill levels: do they meet the requirements of your job?

What are the habits, daily behaviors that you see in yourself?

Do they really support you to be as successful as possible?

Which of these areas, if any, would you like to develop?

Rate yourself out of 10 in each of these areas, 1 being low in knowledge and skills and more negative attitudes and habits, 10 being couldn’t be better/more positive. Then complete the KASH quadrant (create four boxes with KASH elements you’d like to develop in terms of K=knowledge, A=attitudes, S=skills and H=habits, so as to improve your performance. When you work with developing your EQ, you learn to focus on these elements to create transformations – at a professional as we as a personal level.


Your readiness to be coached

If you are looking to be coached, ask yourself these questions and be really honest with yourself, because it does make a difference as to whether coaching will be effective or not.

Are you looking to make changes?

Are you open to challenge and fresh perspectives?

Are you ready to be the best you can be and not to sabotage yourself in any way?

Are you willing to be different and take the action that is necessary?

➤ Are you ready to take responsibility for where you are and where you want to move to?

If you want to learn more about how I work and how I can help you, get in touch with me through Qriser.

I look forward to working with you!

Let me help you shape a strong Professional Brand!

Gabriela Tardea – your Personal Performance Coach

Check the Qriser calendar for more Gabriela Tardea training programs

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Unlike other career resources, the process outlined in these programs considers a client’s unique skills, interests, and values, enabling each participant to create a truly authentic and realistic plan for career success. The key to success lies in the use of the professional methodology and tools included in each program.


This is the most exciting journey I have ever embarked upon, and I am so glad that you consider to be a part of it. I believe the programs you read about now are one of the most comprehensive programs ever created and is designed to help individuals achieve desired goals on their own terms! Most of us have the desire to either improve or completely change specific areas of life and everyone's need, or challenge is different which requires a customized, unique plan to manage it. Having an outside support system that can provide solutions and resources, can be a huge need as well as benefit.

The programs provide on a monthly basis a variety of resources and solutions such as a monthly plan, customized tools, follow-up communication, training and workshops, written resources, conference calls, eBooks, audios and perhaps most importantly - synergy and coaching. The mission of "International Career Strategist" is to empower its clients to grow and continually transform themselves professionally and personally. Unlike other career resources, the process outlined on these programs considers a client’s unique skills, interests, and values, enabling each member to create a truly authentic and realistic plan for career success. The key to success lies in the use of the professional methodology and tools included in these programs.


There are many ingredients to creating success, and this online platform is created based on six core ingredients:

1) TIME FRAME & FLEXIBILITY - Designing a plan for any goal that takes into account the fact that people are very busy and have very full schedules. This platform is customized in such a way that allows you to work on your own time and at a pace that is doable for even the busiest of people.

2) LONG-TERM PERSPECTIVE - Being part of this community and signing up for programs or courses, is meant to create a unique and customized journey for each member, not a task. The real success of this program will be based on the person you become and the results you have achieved long-term from now.

3) SPECIFIC FOCUS - Having a specific focus for each course, program or session will allow you to take each step and action areas at a time, without becoming overwhelmed in the process.

4) ACCOUNTABILITY & SYNERGY - Using the online coaching platform to create accountability and synergy. The platform will help you to jump right in and get going without having to create the beginning motion. The structure of your program will provide synergy, your coach and the community will help you keep yourself accountable in the process.

5) MATERIALS & RESOURCES - Access to supplemental resources, eBooks, and downloadable materials. This will ensure you learn based on interest and focus.

6) COMMUNICATION MADE EASY - Conference calls from your coach, 24/7 accessibility to the chat room on the specific topic, receiving a variety of feedback and input just when you need it.


➤ HELP & SUPPORT: Have all your conversations in one place, organized by topic.

➤ SESSIONS: Track your sessions, capturing hours and session notes.

➤ RESOURCES: Access to a library of online resources for you to access any time.

➤ NOTIFICATIONS: Receive email notifications and reminders for sessions.

➤ VISION WALL: The big picture in one glance with the online vision wall and planning tools.

➤ GOAL TRACKING: Stay focused on the goals and outcomes that you are working on.

➤ COMMUNITY: Allows you to connect and interact with other community members.

The community's goal is to deliver the above to you. And even more important will be your job to take the above and invest yourself in the process. Some weeks and months you will be more involved in the process than others and that's okay. The key here is the BIG PICTURE, the plan and not the amount. Just stay with the plan and as you participate you will see remarkable growth start to happen in your life overall and in the results you have, and even more so in the specific areas, we focus on.


When you enroll in the program, you’ll get an invitation to the “International Careers Community” a coaching and mentoring community which will be your main platform for the learning process. On the platform, you’ll automatically get enrolled in a coaching program designed to empower you with the focus, training, and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you expect from this learning process. You’ll work with your coach 1:1 to measure your specific progress so that you make sure you achieve your outcome. The program is designed to fit your needs, expectations and your own learning style, meaning that you complete the course on your own terms within a specific time frame.


When I do Career Coaching, I always start with a complimentary session as a trial to determine if we are a good fit. This is typically a good time for you to establish what you want to get out of the sessions. Whether you want help growing a network or guidance during a cultural adjustment, as a Career Coach I can provide valuable advice to motivate you to achieve your professional goals.


All my clients attend one free complimentary session as a trial to determine if we are a good fit. If you want to learn more about how I work and how I can help you, sign-up for a 1:1 Career Guidance FREE Intake Session. I'm looking forward to working with you! 


Condiții de rambursare pentru cursant

Orice comandă se poate anula în termen de 24 de ore de la achiziţie.

De asemenea, poţi anula înregistrarea fără niciun fel de penalizare cu 14 zile înainte de efectuarea cursului. Orice anulare după această perioadă poate duce la consumarea fondurilor alocate de tine cursului respectiv.

În cazul în care anulezi înregistrarea cu mai mult de 14 zile înainte de efectuarea cursului, vei primi fondurile Qriser consumate înapoi în contul tău.

Politică anulare program de către furnizor

Dacă cursul nu are un număr suficient de participanţi, furnizorul de training poate decide să anuleze cursul cu 7 zile înainte de efectuarea acestuia iar tu vei primi fondurile Qriser respective înapoi. De asemenea, Formatorul poate anula cursul pentru motiv de forţă majoră sau caz fortuit, fiind împiedicat în mod obiectiv să efectueze sesiunea de curs respectivă. Vei fi anunţat imediat ce apare o astfel de situaţie.

Solicitări generale

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2,695.00 +TVA


10 EQ Coaching Sessions

2 Experiential Learning

4 Guided Activities

Customized Training

Customized Program

24/7 Online Support

Follow-up Sessions

Additional Materials

Accountability Buddy


Improved relationships;

Improved communication;

Better empathy skills;

Acting with integrity;

Respect from others;

Improved career prospects;

Managing change confidently;

Fewer power games at work;

Feeling confident and positive;

Reduced stress levels;

Increased creativity;

Learning from mistakes.


Duration: 18 Months (Flexible)

EQ Coaching: 1 Hour|Session

Assessment: 1 Hour|Session

Evaluation: 1 Hour|Session

EL Training: 2 Hours|Session

Guidance: 1 Hour|Activity

● Month 1 > 4 (14 to 16 Weeks)

Assessment & Evaluation

3 Guided Activities

6 EQ Coaching Sessions

3 Experiential Learning

● Month 6 Follow-up Coaching

● Month 8 Follow-up Coaching

● Month 11 Follow-up Coaching

● Month 14 Follow-up Coaching

● Month 18 Follow-up Coaching


ICS Coaching Platform

Phone | Skype | Zoom

In-House: Copenhagen, Denmark

In-House: International (Negotiable)


★★★★★ English

★★★★★ Danish

★★★★★ German

★★★★★ Romanian


📚 Workbooks: Available in English

📚 Guidebooks: Available in English

📚 E-Books: Available in English

📚 Platform: Available in English

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