Coaching Employees for Increased Productivity [Remote Workers]

Get a comprehensive overview of the more effective strategies, tools, and techniques to help workers stay productive remotely. Learn how to set up a high-quality remote work program or significantly improve an existing one.


Your organization needs managers and leaders who use coaching skills to empower employees to achieve goals. This program gives you a scalable, actionable framework to build coaching skills and abilities into your organization, transforming the manager-employee relationship and driving measurable business results. 

Organizations that effectively leverage coaching realize higher revenue growth than peer companies that do not embrace coaching. By equipping employees with the tools and knowledge to respond, problem-solve, and adapt in real-time, managers and leaders realize tangible benefits such as improved team functioning, increased engagement, faster leadership development, and increased productivity.

Influence Workplace Culture: Learn to be more effective in your use of coaching across the organization.

Implement a Coaching Approach: Apply innovative and practical models, tools, and techniques for embedding coaching behaviors and activities in your organization.

Improve Organizational Results: Learn to improve organizational results through coaching among all employees.

Integrate and Communicate Your Approach: Emphasize the competencies and tools managers and leaders need.


This program is for professionals looking for a way to effectively leverage the impact of coaching in their organization.

HR Practitioners, Managers, and Leaders

Learning and Development Manager

Director of Learning

Leadership Development Manager

Anyone who oversees coaching activities or programs


Imagine having the support of someone who champions your success as much as you do, someone who will ask great questions to encourage you to tap into your own well of resources, to find the solutions you didn’t know you had; someone who will challenge you to expand your horizons and see things from different perspectives and viewpoints. That is what this program is all about. 

As a coach I help people get clarity about what they want to achieve and support them in getting there. I am trained in a technique of asking questions which will help people see things more clearly, to focus their minds on the matter in hand, so that they can get a breakthrough and move forward.

In this program I use three main frameworks/models which:

📚 EQ Model (Emotional Intelligence) – a core foundation and the ultimate outcome of this program:

A person’s EQ is a measure of their interpersonal and communication skills. EQ is an abbreviation for ’emotional quotient’. Emotional intelligence is also about the ability to reason and solve problems based on the emotions we experience. An emotionally intelligent person is aware of emotions in him/herself and others and uses reason to identify, understand, and deal with the emotions effectively.

📚 GROW Model – a specific model used as steps for efficiency in this program:

The GROW coaching model consists of four steps to help you plan the journey in this coaching program. You start with the map: where are you going (Goal) and where are you coming from (Reality)? It then charts the different
routes and modes of transportation (Options). At last, it helps you pick the option that suits you best while still considering the obstacles on the way. You then chart out the process and make sure that your motivation for the trip
is maximized.

GROW: Goal Reality Options Will

📚 EXACT Model – is a coaching approach to improve on the SMART Model for goal setting:

The EXACT model takes you through a process which helps you to identify objectives which are congruent with your own values and performance style.

EXACT: EXciting (positive, inspiring) Assessable (measurable) Challenging (Stretching) Time-framed (within a deadline)

These skills are reinforced via on-the-job support, assignments, and digital tools.

This program offers the opportunity to learn a leader-coach approach for those who want to work at their own pace or perhaps cannot attend live workshops. I recommend people follow the program over 6–12 weeks, with a commitment per module of approximately 30 minutes. You will receive access to the entire 6 months program.

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Coaching Conversations: Increased Productivity

2,650.00 +TVA


12 Coaching Modules

Experiential Learning

Guidance & Training

Customized Program

24/7 Online Support

Follow-up Sessions

Additional Materials

Accountability Buddy


Duration: 3 to 6 Months

Coaching: 1 Hour|Session

Assessment: 1 Hour|Session

Evaluation: 1 Hour|Session

EL Training: 1 Hours|Session

Guidance: 1 Hour|Activity


★★★★★ English

★★★★★ Danish

★★★★★ German

★★★★★ Romanian


EC Coaching Platform

Phone | Skype | Zoom

In-House: Copenhagen, Denmark

In-House: International (Negotiable)


Trust and non-judgement

Action planning

Master the GROW model

Create Accountability

Grow Emotional Intelligence

Manage & Empower People

Active Listening

Powerful Questioning

Increased Potential

Awareness & Responsibility

Create Engagement

Give Effective Feedback

Set Meaningful Goals


Increased resilience in the face of ambiguity

Increased capability to deal with stress

Greater agility and adaptability

Improved performance and productivity

Better relationships and engagement

Increased innovation and creativity

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