In this fast moving world, more and more companies have embraced the Agile mindset and practices, allowing them to better adapt to the market and delight customers.

If your company is going Agile and you need to support this adoption, this is the right place to start!

Regardless if you are an Human Resources professional, a line manager or an Agile Coach, you need to understand how people strategy and people operations need to change when working in a company embracing the agile value structure.

This one day workshop will be split into two parts:


Agile for HR

  • Why the need to change?
  • What is Agile?
  • Agile vs traditional?
  • How can HR integrate Agile principles and practices in their daily work (simple tools that can be implemented right away)

HR for Agile

  • Redesigning the HR processes to support the new organizational model (e.g. performance management, talent acquisition, learning & development)
  • Types of Agile organizations (how others have done it)
  • The Agile manager
  • Agile roles (e.g. Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner)


In the training, we will work with many practical tools, templates and exercises. You can directly apply them to your own projects or bring back to your team to start on your own Agile HR initiative.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is interested to learn how Agile can be applied to People and Talent Management
  • HR Professionals – HR Managers, Business Partners, HR Functional Specialists
  • Agile Coaches and Consultants
  • Operational and business managers
  • People involved in Agile Transformations


Important details:

  • No previous Agile knowledge is required
  • Expect a mix of theory, case studies and practical activities
  • For all organisational contexts from full Agile to hybrid or just starting with Agile
  • This is not the usual Agile basic training. We will focus on how Agile can be applied in HR environments.
  • We will have a free 2 hours follow up session approximately 1 month after the workshop.
  • Buffet lunch is included in the ticket


This workshop is an in-house type of program.

Check the Qriser calendar for more Tudor Tofan training programs.

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Agile HR

120.00 +TVA

Adopt the Agile mindset and practices in your HR department. Support the Agile adoption in your organization

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